5 Incredibly Simple Ways for Improving Data Security

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Consumers these days are concerned regarding data security more than ever, understandably. In fact, over 75% consumers choose not to buy from an online store if they find the data security is questionable. If the customers are handing over sensitive information about themselves while interacting with your website then you should ensure that their data is secure. Here are 5 simple ways in which you can build trust within customers and keep the online business secure. 
  1. Ensure security at checkout: The checkout stage is where customers think whether or not they should share their data with your site. As a matter of fact, many customers will simply abandon the website if they think the payment option is not secure. Make sure you highlight the fact that your business uses SSL certificate for security and that it is PCI compliant. This simple task will help you gain the trust of the customer. 
  2. Train your teams to follow processes: Many a time, sensitive data is lost because the team members misplace it or because they lose key information. This is why you need to train your employees regarding data encryption and its best practices.
  3. Use different security plug-ins: You can protect your online business with the help of security plug-ins depending on the platform you use. Make sure that you are protected against the latest hacker strategies. 
  4. Change admin passwords frequently: Hacking the password to a site is one of the most common security breaches. Yes, it could be cumbersome to change passwords every once in a while but it is the best way to protect the company from losing both data and money. 
  5. Make customers more aware of their data security: Some customers are really particular when it comes to sharing their user behaviour for marketing purposes. It is best to take their consent on your website so that they can trust you better. 
Keeping the website safe against data threats is often underestimated. Business owners don’t pay heed to this important aspect until something terrible happens. Data security is not that complicated and these simple tips can help you keep your website secure. 

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